JN Land Trust Services

    We have written habitat management plans for landowners who wish to 'green' their yards by using fewer artificial chemicals and more local, native plants. 

    By letting nature do the work, not only is your backyard more beautiful and safe for  you and wildlife, but your maintenance costs are much lower as well. Call us for more information.

Habitat Management Plans
 Why plant native flowers, shrubs and trees?

  With one of our habitat management plans you can use our suggestions to naturalize your backyard with native plants. Native plants have evolved under local conditions for millennia and because of that they are genetically programmed to grow here. This makes them easier to grow and maintain than non-native plants, and better for birds, pollinators and other wildlife.

  Unknowingly, Americans have sterilized nearly fifty million acres of land by planting lawns and backyard with non-native plants. This is one reason why the populations of our migratory birds and pollinators have declined sharply in recent years. As landowners like you naturalize your lands by planting natives, we can gradually reverse the declines in songbirds, pollinators and other wildlife while we improve water quality, reduce stormwater erosion, and add to the beauty and serenity of our surroundings.
  Along with planting recommendations, our plans also include:
    • Maps and photographs of your land
    • Aerial photographs of your neighborhood
    • Soils and bedrock found on your land
    • List of recommended native plants
    • List of birds expected to be in your area
    • Pictures of plants we recommend
    • Nearby nurseries that carry native plants
    • Methods to protect plants from deer